Where There’s No Value, There’s No Love 💕

As I sat in silence doing my makeup, my brain began receiving downloads of information. I can’t specifically say that anything was on my mind or heart at the time but then again that could totally be a lie. I have a bad habit of masking feelings that should be dealt with. I instantly heard in my spirit, “where there’s no value, there’s no love”. I grabbed my journal and wrote it down because I knew that I needed to blog about it. The message was too clear, so I felt that somehow it was deeper than just me!

I looked up the definition of “value” just to be sure that I didn’t leave any stone unturned. So value is, according to dictionary.com, the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. I thought long and hard about the direction of this post because again, so much came to mind. So here we go!

When you value something or someone, you will naturally want to make sure that thing or person is safe, supported, flourishing etc… but where the problem for most of us comes in at is BALANCE! You can’t pour into something or someone without it being reciprocated because you will eventually start to feel drained and unfulfilled in the relationship.

Remember that relationships are give and take and your happiness and well-being is equally as important as the person you are sharing yourself with.

Stop wasting your feelings on people who don’t value you because I am certain that there are people who already do and a whole heap of people who would love to love on you!

Learn how to identify early red flags of a toxic relationship. Don’t be afraid to break away from people for your highest good and peace of mind.

When value is lost, there will be no love. If you realize that you are always the one trying to mend an argument. If you always have to take responsibility for something you’ve done or said that hurt the person and they rarely do the same when you express your pain. If you find yourself making excuses for disrespect and poor behavior, YOU ARE NOT VALUED!!! You should never be made to feel easily replaceable by the other person.

Find balance with people and speak up if you feel like you’re not being valued properly. You may need to take a few days alone to renew yourself. Find your therapeutic triggers whether it be crafting, reading, cooking etc…

All in all, relationships are supposed to be fun and easy! You will have disagreements from time to time but if you find yourself every other month doing what I’ve mentioned earlier then it’s probably time to make some changes in that situation.

Xoxo, Jayria 💋


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