Truth or Scared?

“Stop holding on to small when big is ready!” – Stormy Wellington

I was listening to an Instagram live video today by Stormy Wellington and she really left me with a few things to think about. I felt like I needed to bring it to you guys because I know a lot of us have been guilty of settling for things, people and places that aren’t true to who we really are. So why do we settle for comfort instead of saying “F it” and going for what our hearts desire? Is it fear of being judged and talked about? Is it fear of failure? Is it fear of looking like we’re just starting out? Here’s the good news, I have gone through ALL of those and I am still alive to tell you about it!

In the past, I suffered from imposter syndrome because I never really stopped to appreciate my own accomplishments and gifts. So when other people complimented or bragged about me, I didn’t feel like I was that person; I didn’t feel like what I was doing or had done was extraordinary. I know my potential and I know how many creative ideas cross my mind per hour, so if at any moment I knew that I hadn’t given my all to something I would disregard all of the milestones and keep pushing for more. I was still viewing myself in a very small way and didn’t realize it.

In 2015 I started a sweets company called Blushing Berries Sweets Boutique. It is an online sweets company that mainly serves Atlanta and its surrounding cities. It has captured the attention and taste buds of people from many other states, forcing me to travel with it. BBSB has graced the plates of many awesome people including Beyonce and Jay Z, but by the beginning of 2017 I was completely drained and tired. I love my business however, it is not the end all be all for me and when I realized this, I slightly got depressed. I was no longer operating in my full potential and I knew that I could not run BBSB as a full time service any more while staying sane.

I was afraid of what people would say because to the untrained eye, I wasn’t in a position to reposition! I knew that had to take the leap of faith because my only other option was playing small and living a life of unhappiness.

So did people talk? Sure did! To some people, meeting celebrities and going to events is like becoming the Queen of England and that’s ok if that’s what you desire, but for me, that’s the lifestyle I belong in regardless of what my career is. It’s not foreign to me!

Being in the room is not as important to me as being a part of it is! I need to make an impact and leave my mark on everything I touch. I know what it’s like for people to know the name of my brand and not know mine because I was too afraid to put MYSELF in the spotlight alongside my business logo. It sucks to work so hard for something and have to jump and scream for people to realize that you did it!

So long story short, I gave Blushing Berries a break publicly so that I could get into what really wakes me up happy every morning, motivated and ready to start my day: HER DRESSCODE!

I constantly say this in many of my posts. If there are things in life that you want, YOU SHOULD GO AFTER THEM WHOLEHEARTEDLY! Don’t allow fear or people talking about you stop you from walking in your purpose with your head held high. Either way, somebody will have something to say.

Be Great!

XoXo, 💋


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