Next Chapter: 10 lessons I’ve learned before my birthday

”Feelings of disappointment can either drown you or shape you. Sometime, it may just be a new beginning.” –Walt Disney

As my birthday approaches, I am sitting and reflecting on every lesson that I’ve learned this year. Honestly speaking, it was sort of a blur and it went by extremely fast. This was partially a rough year but I wouldn’t change a thing if given the chance.

Here are the 10 lessons that I am fortunate to have learnedbefore entering the next chapter of my life:

1. Trust yourself and your intuition whole-heartedly, even if it goes against the judgment of others.

2. Letting go is hard but it essentially makes room for new things to enter.

3. Don’t rush the timing of your life.

4. Don’t compare yourself to anyone.

5. Sometime you have to unlearn a few of the things that you were taught growing up.

6. It’s better to have a few close friends that you trust without a doubt than a lot of people you have to question.

7. Forgiveness is hard but it is necessary.

8. Partying until the wee hours of the morning is much less appealing than relaxing at home in front of the fireplacewith a good movie.

9. You can both cry and lay in bed all day over your setbacks or you cry while moving forward.

10. Fear is false; it’s all in your mind most of the time!

Let go of the past, don’t stress too much over the future and enjoy the present!




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