“Above all; to thine own self be true!”

True to myself is exactly what I decided to be. Although it’s not always the easiest, it’s the most fulfilling.

We all have fears and insecurities that we battle with everyday. I am no different from anyone else in that regard but what makes me stand out from most, is my resilience and determination to create the life I want for myself.

Through that drive, Her Dresscode was created. I wanted to create a place for women like me and even unlike me to come and feel comfortable seeking tips, fashion inspiration and everyday lifestyle pointers. Her Dresscode reflects my passion for each of those categories.

Throughout the blog, I continuously push boundaries and write my own rules…wearing multiple hats as a brand Ambassador, creative director, model and marketing coordinator.

I love telling stories through content and I hope to intrigue your mind with each click.

So prepare to be brainwashed into knowing you can look, feel and be as awesome as you want to be!

Remember to check out the blog every week to decode your Dress Code! Mind body and spirit.

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